Indian Resistance to Early Muslim Invaders


Ram Gopal Misra

Book Description

Ram Gopal Misra’s monumental work Indian Resistance to Early Muslim Invaders up to 1206 A D presents, for the first time, a cogent account of the prolonged and sustained efforts of the Hindus to stem the onslaught of early Islamic invaders (636 to 1206 CE).
The politico-military and cultural resistance of the Hindus was spread across five and a half centuries until its decline in the last decade of the twelfth century. Historians emphasize merely the ultimate collapse of the Hindus, largely ignoring the earlier resistance offered by them. The sustained resistance encountered by the Muslim armies in India was not faced by them in any other land they conquered.
We can fathom the magnitude of the Indian resistance if we recall that the effective Muslim rule over North India, not to speak of the whole India, which was less, if ever, lasted a mere five centuries (1206 to 1707 CE).


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