Evolution of the Sangh Karyapaddhati


B N Varhadpande

Sahitya Sangama

Book Description

This books is a translation of the original SANGHA KARYAPADHATI KA VIKAS written by senior sangh Karyakarya Sri Bapurao Varhadpande. IT narrates vividly to the new generation of swayamsevaks how sangh was started and nurtured. How did our method of working evolve? This book highlights how, the sangh founder Dr Hedgewar executed everything in a planned manner and took care that colleagues were not coerced into anything. Salient features of Sangh karyapadhati like the Shakha, baithak, training camps have evolved out of deep thought , experimentation and experience. This books offers a vivid narrative of the same which can be very helpful to understand the inner meaning and purpose of our working methods.


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