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Islam and Religious Riots

One of the most unfortunate incidents of communal violence was burning two Sabarmati Ashram Express bogies, at Godhra roasting alive 59 Hindu Karsevaks returning from Ayodhya in 2002. This carnage of Hindu Karsevaks resulted into communal riots engulfing several areas of Gujarat. This is the result of some pseudo-secular parties adopting modalities which will punish only Hindus.

These parties do not stop here. Besides Gujarat, they have picked up more serious issues like ‘reservation’ on religious ground and drafting of communal violence Bill 2011 which indirectly declares majority community (Hindus) as killers. The bill clearly stipulates that in a situation where there is violence from two sides targeted at each other, punishment would be applicable only against one side i.e. Hindus. Thereby the Pseudo-secularists are proving to be as dangerous as that of Jehadis infiltrating from Pakistan.


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